Dive spots

Some of the most famous dive spots of our area.



Directly in front of the diving center.
The beach is a very interesting diving spot for the beginners and also for the experienced divers. In every hole is anything to discover. At Springtime it’s very easy to find sepias at every dive. On the beach we teach the divers on their first dives, and also we make the try dives.



The wreck Boreas

35 min. away.
The “BOREAS” lie at the bottom from 1989. The bug beginns at 19 mts, and the deepest part is the propeller, lie at 33 mts. on the sand. It was a tug boat, with almost 40 mts. length.



Riff I (“ Ullastre III”)

10 min. away.
The Ullastres are one of the most known and spectacular dives that we have in our coast. This riff is the furthest one of the Ullastres. The top beginns at 6 mts. And at 20 mts beginns a wall full of gorgonys and really colourfull falling until 45 mts. Easy to see congers, morens, gruppas,… and when the water is still cold the St Peterfish (at the picture) is swimming around..


Riff II (“Ullastre II”)

10 min. away.
The reef II is in the middle of the other two. And also have a medium difficulty. The top beginns at 8 mts. and the max. depth is about 38 mts. As the others Ullastres the north side is very colourfull. In that riff the diver has the chance to dive direction to the other riffs, riff I or riff III, where normally there are more aquatic life.



Riff III (“Ullastre I”)

8 min. away.
The reef III is the nearest one. It beginns at 12 mts. on a very nice platform, ideal for the beginners. With a lot of holes and cracks to look inside. The bottom is at 29 mts. And it has small reefs beside.



Hormigas Islands

12 min. away.
The Hormigas is quite different than the Ullastres, because is not so colourfull, but other side it has a lot of different ways to dive. Is possible to dive until 35 mts. deep. And where the boat anchor is 12 mts. deep. Here use to be full of Octopus, snails, morenes, and sometimes seehorses.



Tamariu canyons

20 min. away.
Maybe the knowest one of our sea. The diver will dive through the canyons between the walls. One full of gorgonys and the other one full of holes to look inside. Possible to dive until 40 mts. Here live a family of gruppas, and also all kind of fishes, and in may use to be Sunfishes.




15 min. away.
This beautiful reef is located in front of the bay of Tamariu. It is a very nice dive spot and suitable for all levels. Here are a lot of moray and conger. It’s a place where you can see frequently  rays.



Furió Fitó (Begur)

40 min. away.
One of the most spectacular walls of the place lie here. Beginning at 18 mts. until 45 mts. Spectacular wall with Big holes and gorgonys on it. and at the bottom is possible to find the 55 mts. and look for the known huge lobster. Is a dive for experienced divers.