This experience is designed for people who have never tried scuba diving and probably have never had much contact with the sea. We will make a dive from the beach, under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Before we enter the water, the instructor will carefully brief the student with the basic rules of scuba diving. The complete activity lasts approximately 90 minutes. The dive in the sea will take about 25 minutes.

For safety reasons, only one student per instructor will be allowed to take part in this activity.

From 8 years old.

For people who already have some scuba diving or snorkelling experience, we strongly recommend doing the Discover Scuba Diving course.


This course is a mixture of a try dive and a scuba diving course. We will start with a complete explanation of how the scuba diving equipment works and all rules to take into account when scuba diving. In this experience we will do two dives:

  • A first dive with some basic exercises (emptying the mask, recovering the regulator,…) so that the student gains confidence with the underwater environment.
  • A second dive in which a deeper dive will take place, and the student will put into practice what he/she has learnt in the previous dive. During the second dive we will also focus on how to maintain neutral buoyancy while scuba diving.

This experience has a total duration of about 3 hours. The dives will be 25 to 30 minutes each, with a 45 minute break in between.

From 10 years old


Our offer: complete scuba diving equipment, theory lessons, 4 beach dives where you will practice exercises to be able to dive safely (emptying the mask, assisting a buddy,…).

Afterwards there will be 4 boat dives with an instructor where the same exercises will be practised again but at a greater depth.

The course has a minimum duration of 4 days, and each day you will do one dive in the morning and one in the afternoon. There is also the possibility of doing the course on weekends.

From 10 years old


The course consists of 5 specialty dives:

  • Two speciality dives are compulsory, these are Deep dive and Underwater navigation.
  • The other 3 specialty dives will be chosen between: Buoyancy, Wreck, Naturalist, Search and Recovery, Underwater photography, Scooter (Underwater Propulsion Vehicle)


This is a course designed towards learning rescue techniques in adverse situations in the scuba diving environment.

In order to obtain the certificate you must have successfully completed a first aid course in the last 2 years. If you do not have the PADI EFR, we can also offer the PADI EFR as a part of the Rescue Diver course.

The course consists of 5 or 6 dives.


The first course focused on the professional world of scuba diving. In this course the student will experience the day-to-day of working in a dive centre. They will learn how to do try dives, how to guide dives , assist instructors on various courses, how to maintain equipment, etc.

The course lasts approximately 3 to 4 weeks.


Specialty courses are intended to broaden your knowledge of a particular subject or type of scuba diving.

  • Scooter (Underwater Propulsion Vehicle): Discover how to handle these underwater vehicles. Learn how to control buoyancy, maintain course and control air management during the 2 dives in this course.
  • Nitrox diver: Learn the techniques for scuba diving with enriched air mix.
  • Deep diver: This certification allows you to increase your depth limit to 40 meters. You will do exercises related to the effects of pressure on your body and the environment.
  • Underwater photography: We will teach you the best techniques to take pictures underwater.


Depth from 0 to 8 meters max.
A short introduction to scuba diving and a dive of about 30 minutes accompanied by an instructor. 60€

Discover Scuba Diving
2 introductory dives + theory 90€

OWD (beginners course) 410 €.
AOWD (own equipment) 290 €
RESCUE DIVER (own equipment) 330 €
EFR 165 €

Private OWD 1.500 €

Tec 40: theory + 4 dives 300 €
Nitrox diver: theory 115 €
Deep diver: 4 dives + theory 210 €
UW Digital Photographer: 2 dives + theory 170 €
Scooter (Underwater Propulsion Vehicle): 2 dives + theory 130 €

AOWD + Deep diver 410 €
Deep Diver + Nitrox Diver 295 €
Rescue diver + EFR 450 €

Prices Include:

  • 10 to 15 l.= 200 bar bottles.
  • Weights are provided by the centre.

Dives with own equipment:
Scuba Review – Beach dive with instructor 30€.
Boat dive 32 €
Beach dive 14 €
Night dive 36 €

Boat dive with rental equipment
Boat + jacket 35 €
Boat + jacket + regulator 38 €
Boat + full equipment 44 €

To be used during the same season of purchase / Night dives are not included.
Pack 5 dives 150 €.
Pack 10 dives 280 €
Pack 5 dives + equipment 210 €
Pack 10 dives + equipment 390 €

Diving equipment:
Dive computer 6 €
Dive torch 6 €
Complete equipment 12 €

Snorkelling equipment: Price/Day (3 hours)
Light equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) 20 €
Light equipment + wetsuit 30 €

Guide: Per person
Normal individual guide 8 €
Exclusive private guide 25 €

Insurance 1 day 7 €
Insurance 1 week 15 €
Insurance 1 month 23 €
Insurance 1 year 39 €


1 week apartment for 4/6 persons

27/04-14/06 y 15/09-31/10