Dive courses

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Save time!! Make theory at home and practices at the sea! Your theorical exercices and knowledge development will be supervised by online instructors.
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Beach dive, always in close company of a qualified instructor. Basic explanation of the activity, followed by an underwater exploration!!!
For safety reasons always will be 1 Instructor for each student.



This is the best option for starters!
A more detailed explanation followed by 2 dives:

  • A first one with some exercises, learning the “how to” in diving
  • A second one applying the learned skills in an 30´ underwater excursion.

Small groups of max 5 pax make this experience the most wanted of the short visits to our beach!



Our offer: Full equipment, theory, 4 confined water dives in wich we´ll learn all the basic dive skills secrets in our private pool: the mediterranean sea; and 4 open water dives from our boat in wich we´ll discover the blue and the  magic of flying underwater, sorrounded by the most beautiful and colorful life. With reduced groups, is the best option for larger stays… It takes 4 days of full enjoyment. There is also the possibility of taking around 2 full weekends to do it.


To continue in your underwater exploration, expanding your limits, it consist of 5 speciality conducted dives:
2 obligatory ones: Deep Dive and orientation and 3 more to choose from many options: Buoyancy control, wreck diver, night diver, search & recovery, underwater photography or video, scooter  (Underwater Propulsion Vehicle), and many others.


Feel confortable with your own diving? Start taking care about others around you! Learning rescue skills in many emergency situations, both underwater and at the surface. 5 sessions between learning the skills and some on-site scenarios will take you to the top of the responsability diving.

To accomplish this level one must have an emergency first response course withing the last 2 years, with the last upgrades of the standards. We also provide this course, check out the special offers, EFR or DAN!


First step into the profesional diving world. The candidate will learn the day-by-day of a diving resort, in almost every matter: from the smallest piece of equipment until the assisting with the most technical courses, passing by try dives, guiding, designing of underwater maps, etc.

Around 3-4 weeks of exciting work will make the candidate a dive junkie.


This specialities courses have got the finality of increase the knowledge and experience in a certain matter of dive kind.

  • Nitrox: Learn dive technics with enriched air, expanding you bottom times!!
  • DEEP DIVER: Increase you bottom depth! with several assisted deep dives, learn how to stay safe at the limits of recreational diving: 40 mts.
  • UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY: Learn how to get your own image souvenirs in this blue moving world.
  • Diver propulsion vehicle: Learn the way to use this amazing machines, having fun but in safety way.

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