Moving safely during COVID19

The most important thing for us is your health and safety, that is why we have updated all the hygiene and prevention protocols to avoid contagion of the Covid19 virus.

Our guide will provide you with a detailed explanation of all the preventive measures that you should take throughout your stay with us. These measures must always be respected to ensure the risk of contagion is reduced as much as possible.

Local health authorities may require COVID-19 testing prior to your arrival in the country. Consider undergoing COVID-19 testing approximately 72 hours prior to departure. Health and safety protocols related to social distancing and improved sanitation will be implemented on all tours. Hand sanitiser will be provided throughout the tour. We request that all travellers self-monitor daily for any symptoms related to COVID-19. Travellers who feel unwell and develop symptoms should notify their guide, who will comply with our required safety protocols, including providing support to seek medical attention.