Apartments Port Pelegri

Just 50 mts. away from our diving center there are very comfortable, and very good equipped apartments. There are of different sizes, from 2 persons (Studio) to 4-6 persons (apartments). We have at low season special offers for them. All the apartments have living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and mostly a balcon. And are full equipped with bed linen and kitchen utensils. The apartments Port Pelegri can be booked by us. Look at “Prices”.

Contact us for a special offer!

Rudi´s Apartments

As the most of our guests, the people know the Rudi’s apartments like the nicest of Calella. Rudi and his wife Montserrat look after the apartments and they keep them in a very good state. The 3 apartments are exactly near the house of Rudi. They are exactly in the center of Calella, and just 5 minuts by foot from the Diving center.

Campsite “Moby Dick”

To be lodged there is also another way, to go camping.
The campsite Moby Dick, is a very calm place, in the midle of a Cork trees forest. And only 3 minutes away by foot from diving center.


Campsite”La Siesta”

Another campsite is La Siesta, a little bit bigger, and more crowded. A full equipped campsite with Swimmingpool, Restaurant, Disco, Supermarket etc.. It’s 15 minuts away by foot from Diving center, or 3 minutes by car.